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In-Office Visits

We will be opening our office for limited in-office visits starting 6/15/2020 and want to let our clients know what they may expect. These guidelines are to ensure everyone’s safety and adherence to these guidelines assists us in reducing transmission risk so that we may continue to see people on a limited basis in our office. Please review the following and let us know if you have any questions. *If you would like to continue to engage in televideo visits please inform your clinician of your preference. Insurance coverage may or may not cover televideo visits. You may contact your health plan to verify coverage of telehealth services.

Instances where WTC asks that you engage in televideo visits:

  • If you have had a known or suspected COVID exposure we ask that you engage in televideo appointments until you have been cleared by your medical provider.

  • If you presently have a fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath that is not due to a medical condition other than COVID-19 are asked to be seen via televideo appointments until you have been cleared by your medical provider.

In-office visit guidelines:

  • Our waiting room has re-opened as of 1/26/2021. When you arrive, alert your clinician to your arrival by pressing the button with their name on it, located near the interior door of WTC. Chairs that are 6 ft. apart are available; please do not sit on the other chairs.

  • If you do not feel comfortable waiting in the waiting room, please wait in your car and continue to contact your clinician via call or text at your appointment time.

    • Erin: 701-730-8313

    • Anne: 701-630-7322

    • Andrea: 701-638-0909

  • The CDC recommends the use of face coverings to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. WTC staff will be wearing masks. Masks are required in the waiting room; we encourage you to wear a mask during session too.

  • At the end of your appointment WTC will walk you out to the waiting room to minimize transmission via door handles.

Items that will not be available in the office:

  • We will not have pens, paper, water, magazines, etc. available. Please bring your own items that you may want to use during your session.

Items that will be available in the office:

  • Disposable masks                         

  • Tissues

  • Hand sanitizer


  • Staff will sanitize the area that a client has been seated between each appointment in clinician offices and the waiting room will be sanitized periodically throughout the day.

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