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Taking the first step to engage in counseling can be difficult. All services that are provided are confidential. However, at your written request, your participation in services can be disclosed to other providers, agencies, and/or individuals. There are some instances in which federal and state laws allow for disclosure of your private health information. The limits of confidentiality will be discussed with you at the start of your initial appointment as well as other important information.


The first appointment focuses on getting to know one another. You will share why you are choosing to seek additional support through counseling. At the end of the appointment we will discuss what services are available through Willow Tree Counseling and discuss a plan for addressing your concerns (this will include identifying your goals, the type of therapy, how frequently we will meet, and how long services will last). In the event that we do not provide the service that you are seeking we will assist in providing a referral to another provider.


During subsequent sessions we will start to address your concerns as we had discussed previously. Your role in this process will require you to be open, honest, & willing to try new things. At times you may be asked to discuss difficult emotions and experiences. Depending on the therapy used, you may receive homework that will be due during your next session. It is up to you as to how much you put into counseling, but we encourage you to be ready to engage in the process.


Throughout the process we will discuss how you are doing in reaching your goals. If at any time you feel that you are stuck, or that the services are not meeting your needs, please discuss this so we can make adjustments to the course of services (this could include changing how we address your goals, evaluate whether you would benefit from a different provider, or evaluate whether to discontinue services).

While the process of counseling can be intimidating it is also important to recognize the rewards you experience as you make progress in obtaining your goals.

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